Provided below are the Foreword and Chapter 1 of the book. You can buy the book online here.

Please feel free to post comments and queries below. We are always pleased to help respond to your needs and interests. Much of our work is concerned with applying our research and underlying frameworks developed for universal solutions, to particular client needs. In this way, much of extensive experience gained across the globe transfers to your particular needs and in turns helps us develop our generalization and models.

  • Laurie

    On page 68 of the third edition, it is stated that Catholics score higher on group choices and Protestants lower. Then a few lines lower, Canada is classed as a part of the Protestant West. I looked on the stats Canada website ( that shows approximately 13m Catholics and 9m protestants (excluding Orthodox and others, but even if you added that in, it would make approximatesly10.5m non-Catholics yet Christian). It is curious that the majority is Catholic indicating the tendancy would be higher scores on group choices but your research shows Canada with Protestant scores for individualism. Food for thought… I am new at cross cultural communication and eager to learn and understand, so it is possible that I have not understood the paragraph on page 68–please comment!

  • ruth

    The book includes select countries scores for the dimensions. Is there a website, database, or book that has the complete findings (detailed scores for all and dimensions countries studied)?

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