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Test yourself with our Culture Quiz

We invite you to explore these preliminary questions to help you test yourself on the main concepts that you will have read about in Riding the Waves of Culture.

You can answer the questions individually and see an interpretation of your response straightaway. You are not being monitored – it’s just for fun!


You have just received an email from an Arab dealer asking for a quotation for the supply of five executive saloon cars. Which of the following is your potential customer more likely to be really interested in?

a. A fleet of five cars made up of Mercedes, BMWs, Jaguars or similar.
b. Your willingness to secure a discount with your boss and offer a special deal for the Arab customer.
c. One Executive Car of any make.
d. Your minimum price.


You are sending to Japan a new type of automated control valve used in oil pipelines that you manufacture. Which of the following is most important to send with your delivery?

a. A detailed design and technical specification written in Japanese.
b. A technician to help explain how to install and use the equipment.
c. A clear detailed manual in English.
d. Audio and video in Japanese on how to set up and use the equipment.


You are conducting a performance appraisal meeting with a member of your staff who is Vietnamese. You ask him “where do you think you will be in two years time?” He looks at you in surprise. What do you think is the main reason for his concern?

a. He expects you to know the answer ~ because you are his manager.
b. He thinks you are suggesting he should quit the company.
c. He thinks he wants you to change to a more suitable job in another department of the company.
d. He thinks you are going to give him a low score on his evaluation and appraisal.


As an American or European, you are an expatriate General Manager of a production factory in Singapore. You decide to adopt an open door policy to receive suggestions from workers and their concerns at any time. You are surprised that no one comes to talk to you in response to this initiative. What might be the reason?

a. It is impolite to meet the boss without an appointment.
b. The workers do not like to deal with Westerners.
c. The workers will not go over the head of their first line manager.
d. The workers like to work as a team, and do not want to bother you.


You are telephoning your Nigerian distributor from HQ where you are based. How might you start the conversation?

a. Asking about his wife.
b. Asking if he has now sent the late payment (which is what prompted you to call him in the first place).
c. Hoping that he and his family are well.
d. Asking him how his business is doing.

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